Space is no longer a luxury when you have Storage!

Here's Why
You Need Storage Space!

Storage Bloc gives you the storage space you deserve in both your home and office. Though you might think it’s a tedious & tiresome task, Storage Bloc makes it easy & hassle free with our on-demand services.

What Is
Storage Bloc?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service as well as our dazzling smiles.

This is a quick video to tell you everything you need to know about us!

So What Do We Offer?

Let us help you with all your storage needs. We promise to make your life easier no matter the circumstance.

Long Term Storage

Maximise Living Space

Store Office Documents & Furniture

Safely Store Cherished & Valuable Items

Short Term Storage

Store Temporarily During Renovation

Store When You Travel

Store When Moving

Other Services

storage gave my home space

Storage Gives You Space

One of our customers was kind enough to talk about their journey into storing their items to give their home extra space.

Sharing the whole process, the customer helped document why they decided to store, how the process was like, and at the end, how we did as a storage provider.

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Need Pick and Pack Services for Your Business?

Storage Bloc offers fulfilment for businesses venturing into E-commerce and brick and mortar consignment! Big or small, we have a package for you. Click here to find out more.
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