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Confessions of a hoarder

I needed a small storage unit and I'll tell you why. This is the cupboard in my home office. It's not that bad really (well, that's my personal opinion).

I'll back up for a moment to give a bit of context. I have a 3 room apartment - A master room, a room for my 11-month old daughter, and my office / spare bedroom. The rooms are not big - each can fit a bed, a small desk and another small piece of furniture. Each room has a built-in cupboard for our clothes, but that's it really.

Having a child, most of the apartment has been conquered by her toys, clothes, wet wipes, diapers, more toys and, yes, more toys. This red little cupboard is really the only safe space I have, and it's a mess.

Over the years, I've spent money on boardgames, electronics, memorabilia and so much more. I also keep a lot of my equipment for work in the small office - cameras, spare parts, little bits of paper etc. To top it all, I, of course, have some papers I can't rid of - namely - receipts.

Some might be embarrassed. Some might even be disgusted saying things like 'how did you let this get out of control?' or 'why don't you throw away these things?'

Yes, I can get rid of a few things - If I had the time. No, I won't just throw away everything - I spent money on it. Honestly, all I need was some extra space - a small storage unit.

I bet some are just saying 'well that's just a waste of money, you should just not hoard and only keep what you need'. Honestly, though, I'm at that age where I can be very truthful to myself - some things can change, but somethings aren't worth the effort.

Life is tiring, hard, and never ending. It's about priorities. Of course, everyone is different and if you're able to fit in neat and tidy storage facilities in your home, I respect that. But that's is really down the list for me.

My priorities include being a good father, keeping fit and healthy, getting work done and excelling, and of course, having enough down time so that I don't go crazy (with a kid in the house, this really is a dream rather than anything.)

At the same time, I am really mentally affected by the clutter in my house, I won't lie.

It's amazing how fast baby's go through items. I have a cot she can't fit into anymore and a mountain of clothes that she's too big for.

My room is the only space I can fit my empty luggage, guitars, and trolleys (which are SO useful). So now my room has become an eyesore.

Working till the early mornings (because that's when my daughter allows me to work in peace), I'm constantly tired and still trying my hardest to get the job done well.

I just feel like my small little space really is not conducive.

So I needed a quick fix solution that is affordable and easy - small storage.

Like I said, I didn't need much storage space. I didn't need a whole room and I didn't want the hassle of renting multiple lockers. I could have bought some carton boxes for small storage, but I was able to find a better option.

Storage Bloc provided the best solution for me - Signature Storage Boxes.

These durable plastic boxes are huge! According to the website - 100 Litres in volume. They are sturdy and can hold heavier loads (which is good cause I was always afraid carton boxes would rip after a few years). Also - and this is my favourite part - the boxes can be locked with plastic or metal zip ties - so I know they are safe.

To top it off, Storage Bloc offers pick-up and delivery service so I didn't even have to go to the warehouse!

The process was fairly simple. I ordered 6 empty boxes and paid for 1 month of storage upfront plus delivery and pick-up. The boxes came within the next couple of days.

I then spent about 4 days clearing out the cupboard and room. I threw away some items, and packed the items I wanted to keep. I wrote an Itemised list for each box (which has it's own barcode!) and I keep that in my computer.

At the end, I only filled up 4 boxes. A few days later, Storage Bloc came to pick the boxes up - I also decided to store my luggage and the cot with them - both items were given barcodes so I can retrieve it later.

Because 2 boxes were empty - the monthly bill for my small storage was amended, and some of the cash I paid was brought forward to pay for the second month of storage!

And that's it. My items are now safe in a warehouse in Petaling Jaya. Quick, easy, secure and affordable. All-in-all, for 4 boxes, a piece of luggage and a cot, I'm paying around RM110 a month.

It really is not that pricey. I mean, I spend the same amount on my monthly phone bill. And the benefits of this small storage space has had a big impact on me. My room is clearer, my head works better, and I'm actually able to concentrate again.

Is it for everyone? No. But it is definitely good for someone like me!

A story written by a Storage Bloc customer

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