Packing & Transportation


To put our customers’ minds at ease, we also provide packing and transportation services to help facilitate moving all items into our storage warehouse. We are able to pack all the items into carton boxes, or wrap bigger items with bubble wrap and stretch film.

Whether it is a room, or a whole house, we are able to securely pack and transport all items safely to and from our facility.

Item Description Price Unit
Packing Packing services include bubble wrap and stretch film, but NOT cardboard boxes or any other packing materials RM 4.55 square feet
Handling Charges Charged when items are over 20KG, or when a representative is required to supervise the packing RM 3.25 square feet
1 Ton Truck Includes 1 man power RM 450 per day
3 Ton Truck Includes 2 man power RM 800 per day
5 Ton Truck Includes 3 man power RM 1,800 per day
Van Pick-Up & Delivery 120 cubic feet of cargo space available 48 Hours Booking (Normal Hours)
Max width : 4.6 Feet / 1.4 meters
RM 3.2 per KM from Glo Damansara
Max length : 6.5 Feet / 1.9 meters RM 3.8 per KM from Glo Damansara
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