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STORAGE BLOC provide order fulfilment service that caters to SME e-commerce, stockist- & bazaar-based businesses that need help fulfilling orders in the Klang Valley as well as across the world.

For as low as RM 660 per month, we can help streamline your work flow. Our dedicated staff will make sure all orders are processed in a timely manner.

Storage Bloc ensures that all items are kept in a clean and safe environment and that all items are handled with care.


1. Product List, Barcode Printing & Delivery

For all new stock, a product list is to be sent to Storage Bloc by the vendor prior to the stock being sent to the warehouse. Storage Bloc will print out all the barcodes required and deliver them to the vendor / supplier for tagging purposes.

2. Receiving Stock

Stock can be received either via courier, dispatch, or by hand. To a reasonable capacity, Storage Bloc may accept and pay for COD based stock deliveries*.

3. Pre-Packing

Pre-packing is an optional service for products that require special label printing and tagging, or bundling and/or pairing for products such as goodie bags, or even loose pairs of shoes in parcels.

Storage Bloc also offers the service of tagging each item with the barcode.

4. Cataloguing

Stock is catalogued in a Storage Bloc Cloud-Based Inventory Management System on a per-item basis. The catalogue will be shared with the vendor, allowing for up-to-date observation of stocks, and movement records. Depending on the vendors, Storage Bloc provides two different types of catalogues.

a. Simple Cataloguing This default process includes a standardize list of all items in-stock. Each item will include name, variations, and image alongside each stock count.

b. Detailed CataloguingThis optional process may include a separate system where each item has both a master number, as well as an individual unit barcode, or House Number. This process may also include separate requests such as a secondary Excel / Google Sheet stock count, etc.

5. Storage

All items are stored in a secure, climate and humidity controlled warehouse that can only be accessed by Storage Bloc personnel. The storage can be monitored via the Cloud-Based Inventory Management System.


1. Order

The Storage Bloc dashboard will allow for orders to be made directly into the system.

2. E-Commerce

The dashboard will also be able to link to marketplaces (such as Lazada) and online shopping carts (such as WooCommerce and Shopify) via APIs*.

a. Packing

There are two forms of packing for e-commerce based orders.

i. Pick and Pack When an order is received, items are picked out of the stock, put into a courier bag, and sealed.

ii. Special PackingThis is a fully customizable process. When an order is received, fulfillment procedure is based on an approved method. For example, adding bubble wrap, personalized thank you cards, gift wrapping, etc.

b. Courier

Currently, Storage Bloc uses couriers such as DHL E-Commerce, Aramex, PosLaju, etc to fulfil all orders worldwide. Klang Valley deliveries with other modes of transportation such as motorbikes and vans are also available upon request.

3. Bazaar, Stockist or Others

The dashboard will also include a B2B ordering function for bulk orders and even singular orders for other occasions, such as fashion shows, samples, etc.

a. Packing & Sort

On most occasions, Storage Bloc will deliver the items required in carton boxes, signature boxes or woven bags.

b. Delivery

Storage Bloc offers premium services where door-to-door delivery is handled by Storage Bloc staff. On most other occasions, Storage Bloc works with trusted third party logistic companies such as Lorry365, and can deliver within 24 hours of packing & sorting. Storage Bloc will work closely with all vendors to minimize cost through transportation sharing and drop shipping.

4. Pick-Up & Returns

Storage Bloc will work closely with all vendors to coordinate pick-up (and deliveries) to minimize transportation cost. Storage Bloc can also accept e-commerce returns. Vendors will then have a choice of what to do with all returned items.

Rate Card

1. Receiving StockMinimum 12 CBM / MonthRM 55.00 Per CBM / Month
2. Pre-PackingStarts at RM 0.25 per item
3. Barcode TaggingRM 1.30 per item
4. a) Simple CataloguingRM 0 per item
4. b) Detailed CataloguingStarts at RM 0.50 per item
5. StorageRM 0 per month
1. E-Commerce
a. Packing
i. Pick and PackRM 0.55 per item
ii. Special PackingStarts at RM 1.30 per item
b. CourierSubject to Courier service
2. Bazaar, Stockist or Others
a. Packing & SortRM 0.15 per item
b. Delivery & Pick-upOnly In Klang Valley
i. Storage Bloc PremiumStarts at RM 3.80 per KM
ii. Lorry365
*OT may apply if delivery is not between 10am – 6pmBikeRM 12.00 Per One Point
*OT may apply if delivery is not between 10am – 6pmCarRM 32 Per One Point
VanRM 50 Per One Point
RM 25 Additional Point
RM 20 Overtime Charges
Other Charges
Private Room UseFree for first hourRM 20 Per Hour
Assembly of Unit BoxesRM 0.20 Per Box
Express ProcessingRM 35 Per Hour
Over-Time ChargesMay apply if work is required before 10 AM, and after 6 PMStarts at RM 20 Per Hou
Extra Insurance CoverageFor extra RM 1,000 coverageRM 2.50 Per Month
Manual Stock Count1 Free per monthRM 35 Per Stock Count
Dashboard linkTo Shopify, WooCommerce, Lazada, ZaloraTBC
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