Frequently Asked Questions

General Rules

1How does Storage Bloc work?
Just log into our website (, email ( or call (03-77314308) to schedule a drop-off of empty boxes. Storage Bloc will deliver empty boxes to your address on the scheduled day, convenient for you. You pack your things, and when you are ready, schedule a pick-up for a later day. If you only have a few boxes, we can wait for around 20 – 30 minutes for you to pack your stuff but you will have to inform us prior to this arrangement. We recommend to take a photo of each of your boxes to keep track of the content inside, please keep this to yourself, we ultimately value your privacy. Storage Bloc will help secure your boxes and send them directly to our warehouse.

When you need anything back, just email or call and inform us of the selected boxes you want returned. We have your information and tagged a unique barcode to aid in determining which box you want back. We can bring your things back as quickly as possible just let us know when you need it!
2Where do you serve?
Our services are available all over Kuala Lumpur up to a radius of 45km. That is coverage all the way from KL to KLIA.
3What are your operation hours?
We deliver on Monday through Sunday between 10am and 5pm. You may schedule pick-up and deliveries online or contact us through our Customer Services Hotline (03-77324308).

Our customer service hours are available on Monday through Sunday between 10am and 10pm, to attend to your enquiries.
4Where is your warehouse? Can I visit the warehouse?
We have a store front which doubles up as a warehouse in Glo Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. Our store front is open to the public and you can make an appointment to visit us or just schedule to drop-off and pick-up your items. Storage Bloc also can provide door-to-door delivery for your convenience.
5Is your warehouse secure?
Most certainly! We use only first-rate warehouses. Our warehouse is under 24-hour security, with temperature and humidity control. Our warehouse is also fully equipped with fire detection alarms, automatic fire sprinkler systems, and fire hose reels. Our Warehouse has been carefully designed to ensure items are protected from moisture and dust.
6How do I contact Storage Bloc's Customer Service team?
You may contact us at our Customer Services Hotline (03-77314308) and e-mail (
7How do I update my contact information?
Please send your full name, I/C, e-mail, phone no. and address to us via email ( or call (03-77314308).

Pricing & Billing

1How do I pay Storage Bloc?
You will receive an invoice once you have made your order. You may follow the instructions on the invoice for payment by cash, direct transfer, debit card or credit card. Once payment has been made, please send us a proof of payment for us to proceed with your order.
2What if I only use Storage Bloc for a couple of weeks?
Any storage less than a month will be charged a daily rate as specified by you in the short term. Please inquire with us on the rates for your items.
3When do I start paying Storage Bloc?
Your monthly billing cycle will begin on the day we collect filled boxes / items from you, or 2 weeks after we have delivered empty boxes to you (whichever is earlier).
4I don’t know how many boxes I need, do I pay for those I don’t use?
We suggest to order the boxes base on the equivalent of about 20kg per box/100 T-shirt. You can always order an amount of signature boxes that you feel is a safe amount and after packing, if you do no fill up all the boxes, we will be happy to take them from you and forward the payment of those boxes to your bill for the next month or give you a refund if requested.
5When do I stop paying Storage Bloc?
To terminate your plan with us, please make sure you retrieve all your boxes / items before your next billing date. You will only be charged until the end of your current billing monthly cycle. If there are any outstanding fees, you will need to settle these before you can complete your final check-out.
6How can I apply a promo code?
Please enter the promo code that you wish to apply, via phone or email to us. We will immediately send an invoice with the reflected discount.
7Are there any extra fees?
1. Stairs policy - We charge RM20 per floor with every 4 boxes.

2. Odd hour deliveries - We charge an additional minimum RM60 for deliveries done outside the company’s delivery hours.

Pickup & Delivery

1When do you pick up and deliver?
We pick up and deliver on Monday through Sunday between 10am to 5pm. Please call or email us to schedule a pick-up and delivery.
2How quickly can I receive empty boxes from Storage Bloc?
We usually deliver empty boxes within 24 to 48 hours and at a convenient time that works for you and within our schedules. If you need to store your things urgently, we will try our best to come within the same day. You may also call us (03-77314308) or email ( us to arrange an appointment.
3After receiving the empty boxes, how long can I hold onto them between appointments?
Upon receiving your empty boxes, you will have two weeks to pack your stuff and schedule a pick-up. If you need more than 2 weeks, your monthly billing cycle will still begin 2 weeks after we have delivered empty boxes to you. If you can pack fast, we can wait around 20 minutes to pick up the boxes after delivering them to you.
4I’m done packing, when can you come and collect my things?
Once your boxes are filled, you may also call us (03-77314308) or email ( us to arrange a pick-up. We usually pick-up between 24 to 48 hours after your call and/or a time convenient for you. If you need to store your things urgently, we will try our best to come within the same day.
5How do I get my stuff back?
It’s easy! When you need something back, you may also call us (03-77314308) or email us ( to schedule a delivery time. We usually deliver between 24 to 48 hours after your stated time and/or at a time convenient for you. If you need anything urgently, we will try our best to deliver within the same day, or you can come to our office and get your boxes/items back personally from our private room. You will be charged based on your distances from our store. You will be informed on the charges prior to confirming the delivery of your stuff back. Picking up the items yourself will not have any additional charges.
6How do I change or cancel a pick-up or delivery?
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice. You will be charged RM60 for no-shows. Please call us (03-77314308) or email us ( to reschedule or cancel a pick-up or delivery.
7Can I check-out to a different address from my original order?
You may change your address while requesting a check-out. You may also update your address by calling us (03-77314308) or emailing us (
8What would happen if there are severe weather conditions?
Our delivery schedule may be affected! Please call us (03-77314308) or email us to re-confirm your appointment.
9Delivery Charges
If you need your stuff back, we can deliver it back to your address for a fee of RM1.3 - 2 per KM (distance) from Glo Damansara. Kindly inform us of your location to receive an accurate price for delivery.


1What fits in a box?
Don’t underestimate our signature boxes! There are many things that can fit inside our boxes. For example: 22 pairs of shoes or 100 T-shirts or 11 large black ring files or many books and magazines or DVDs; the list is endless!
2What can I store in Storage Bloc?
You may store anything that fits in a box or most items that a man can carry. However, the following items are prohibited: dangerous goods (explosive, chemicals, drugs of any kind, flammable items, weapons, sharp objects, etc.), illegal goods, live animals/plants, liquids, fragile items/glass, valuables, food stuff, perishable items and lithium batteries.
3Can I store things that don’t fit in the standard Storage Bloc?
Yes most definitely, we take in bulky items as well as renting out per square feet for your storage needs. For your bigger items, you can use our space calculator on the home page, or contact us directly to give us more details of the dimensions and size of what you would like to store for us to quote you the best price within the Klang Valley. Please e-mail us at or call us at 03-77314308. Sending us a picture helps a lot too!
4Will you open my boxes or use my stored items?
We will never open your boxes or use any of your items unless we have a written and signed authorization from you or we are legally obligated to do so or we assess a risk to safety of people or property (in either case, you will be notified). But we will reserve the right to examine the content in your presence when we collect the boxes/item.
5Is there a weight limit?
We ask that you limit the weight to approximately 25 kg per signature box. A reasonable test is to pick up the box and carry it across the room. If you can do this relatively easily, then it should be fine. If our staff finds that your box is too heavy, they may ask you to split your items up into two boxes. For bulky items, please contact us to get further details on the dimensions and weight of the objects. Please be informed that heavier items may have additional charges.
6Can I use my own boxes?
We recommend using our boxes because they are durable, secure, and able to be sealed. But if you really wish to use your own boxes, it may be accepted as bulky items, which will be charged according to our calculation of the dimension and weight. Please make sure the boxes you use are in good quality condition and are properly packed. We will not accept damaged boxes or with poor packing. Please email at or call at 03-77314308 for any enquires on storing bulky items.
7How do I secure the boxes?
We provide seals, and the boxes will be sealed when we pick up the boxes from you. Don’t worry, we will not open your boxes unless really necessary as mentioned above (4).

Security & Insurance

1Is your warehouse secure?
Most certainly! We use only first-rate warehouses. Our warehouse is under 24-hour security, with temperature and humidity control. We are very careful to ensure your items are protected from fire, moisture and dust.
2Do you offer insurance protection for my valuables?
We do offer a standard cover of insurance up to RM1000 for each client, in case of damage or theft during transport and storage. However, you can pay an extra amount for insurance to insure your valuables as you feel it necessary.
3How do I file an insurance claim if necessary?
The security of your things is our number one priority. However, if the need arises for you to file a claim, please send an e-mail to and we will work through the claim together promptly. When filing a claim, please be sure to include the following information:

1. Subject line: Insurance Claim for [your first and last name]
2. The date when the boxes were returned to you
3. Barcode ID on the box containing the damaged or missing items
4. Detailed inventory list and replacement value of items in MYR
5. Specific description of loss or damage as it pertains to each item
6. Your contact information (phone no., e-mail and mailing address)