Choosing The Right Extra Space

Self Storage Vs On-Demand Storage

If you're looking to maximise your office or living space, you are probably looking at Storage Services to gain that extra space. Indeed, Storage is definitely an ideal answer to your solution.

To get that extra space, however, is it better to choose traditional self storage or on-demand storage?

On-Demand Storage is not for everyone. With that said, Self-Storage also has it's downside when it comes to looking for extra space. It really depends on what you need and want.

So let's go through the perks of Self Storage Extra Space vs On-Demand Storage Space;

24 Hour Access
Most, if not all, Self Storage facilities give you 24 hour access to your room / locker. This truly gives you extra space around the clock.
Multiple Size Units

Self Storage offers pre-determined sizes for storage. This is not always a good thing. If you get too small of a unit, you will need to stuff all your items in.

If you get too big of a unit, you are paying for unused space.

Because Self Storage is self-serviced, no one will ever know what you store in your locker / room. This gives you the ultimate privacy for your extra space.
No Organisation

Because Self Storage is self-serviced, you will have to organise the unit yourself. You might forget where items are placed. If you are fulling utilising your unit, there's also a giant possibility that you will have boxes behind boxes, and more boxes behind those boxes.

Imagine trying to get one t-shirt that is stuck at the back of the unit behind 3-4 rows of boxes? Not that easy.

Some units offer shelves for better organisation - but of course, this will cost extra.

Drive-Up Units
Some Self-Storage companies offer drive-up units. This means that you can literally drive up to the front door of your unit in your car.
Self-Storage offers around the clock security with guards and cameras! With this, you know your extra space is safe no matter what.
Access By Appointment

On-Demand Storage is not 24 hours, but by appointment during working hour. This limits access to your extra space, but for a good reason.

On-Demand Storage keeps an inventory of all your items - instead of going through every box to find an item - simply choose the box you want, and the facility will retrieve the box for you. It saves so much more time!

After you've found your item in the box, the On-Demand facility will put your box back - keeping your extra space organised.

Pay For What You Store

If you only need to store 2 boxes, then you will only pay for 2 boxes. If you need to store 10 cubic metres, then you will only pay for 10 cubic metres.

If you take out 5 boxes, then your monthly storage bill will cost 5 boxes less for the following month!

This 'Pay for what you store' policy keeps pricing affordable for your extra space!

Shared Warehouse

All items are kept in a large and organised warehouse. This gives the On-Demand facility the ability to retrieve the items for you.

The only time the facility will NOT know what's in your storage is if it's already in a box / container / bag. The On-Demand facility will not open these unless you ask them to.

Fully Organised

Never worry about where your items are kept. The On-Demand Storage facility will keep your extra space organised.

Each box, suitcase, sofa will be given a unique barcode. In the inventory system, each item will be marked with their position in the warehouse so nothing will be lost and each item can be easily retrieved.

A-Z Service (Pick-up, Pack, Deliver)

This is perfect if you're a bit too lazy for the logistics of storage.

On-Demand Storage facilities can pack for you. If you want to pack, they can pick-up using Vans or Lorries. If you need the items back, they can deliver to your doorstep.

This makes Extra Space storage easy - really there is no excuse!

On-Demand Storage offers around the clock security with guards and cameras! With this, you know your extra space is safe no matter what.

We will not say that storage and extra space is a one-size fit all service. Some people like the freedom and privacy given by storing in a Self-Storage unit. However, there are others who love the A-Z services provided by On-Demand Storage. If you opt for self-storage, we hope that you don't let the space get as messy as the picture above! Imagine trying to find something in that!

At the end, the prudent thing is to weigh the pros and cons and how they relate to you.

Ask yourself some questions - Is it climate controlled? Do I really need 24 hour access? How much effort does it save me if someone did the packing and delivery for me?

Whichever you choose, remember what the goal is - to declutter your home / office and give you that extra space you deserve!


Shared Storage Space
Unlike conventional storage spaces, we have a shared storage space that includes all items from all our customers.
Personal Inventory List
You will receive a personal inventory list with all your items and the corresponding barcode. If you just need one box back, just tell us the barcode and we can retrieve it.
Everything is Barcoded
Don't worry! We won't lose your items. Each box / loose item / bag is barcoded and tracked individually so we know exactly where the item is at all time.
Safe and Secure
We have 24 hour security and we are located in a building that is patrolled by security at all times. Do not worry, your items are safe. Our warehouse is fire protected and you will get insurance coverage of RM 8,500 / cbm when you store with us!
What To Store?
Store anything non-perishable. As long as it doesn't have an expiry date, you can store it with us. Mostly, our clients store;

  • Clothes & Textiles
  • Furniture
  • Kitchenware
  • Electronics
  • Accounting Files
  • Buntings and Other Collaterals
  • Festive Decorations
  • Merchandise
  • Equipment
  • More

Need a few items back? No problem! Just e-mail / call us with the barcodes and we can send them your way


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