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August 6, 2018
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Extra Storage Gave My Home Space

Let me tell you why extra storage was a necessity. In general, I have a lot of stuff. When I was a bachelor living alone, my house was primarily filled with guitars, gadgets, clothes and furniture. It wasn’t overwhelming, nor would I have considered it ever really cluttered.

5 years ago, I fell in love with someone who recently moved back to the country. She came back to Malaysia with 10 years worth books, gadgets, clothes, art and more.

So when we got married, we had a bit of an issue – finding an AFFORDABLE place that could possibly fit all of our stuff, and more. We found an apartment we liked, but after buying a new bed, a couch and a bit more furniture, we ran out of space.

For 2 years, we slowly renovated our place. FYI, renovation is way expensive! Our living room was a must.

the living room

I even spent some time last year crafting out my own little office with a wall of guitars.

the office

We love space. We’ve always wanted a neat and relative open space, but with rising prices on property, this is all we could afford.

So what happened to all of our stuff?

all the clutter

My wife’s ‘office’ became a store room for all of our old items. Yes, a lot of people reading this would say ‘why don’t you donate or throw these items out?’. To fast forward a bit – we did throw away and donate at least 40% of the items you see here. But there are somethings you just can’t throw;

even more clutter

  1. Tiles
  2. An Astro Dish
  3. Memorabilia
  4. Gifts
  5. Winter clothes
  6. An extra ceiling fan (we bought too many in the sale!)
  7. So so much more

Maybe it was us, but you think you can throw things away, but you just really can’t let go. So what was the solution?


I went online and found Storage Bloc. I gave them a call, took photos of the items I would want to store, and sent them an email. They suggested to use try out 6 Signature Boxes and Cubic Space. I agreed to the quotation and they immediately sent me the invoice.

Once I paid, we scheduled a date. They delivered the empty boxes and I spent 2 days packing them with all my stuff. I packed as much items as I could into the 6 signature boxes. They can fit quite a lot of stuff! At the same time, I used some of our old carton boxes and old suitcase to pack the other items.

storage bloc boxes

After a couple of days, they came back, picked everything up, FROM MY DOOR and delivered it back to their warehouse.

storage bloc staff

What’s great is that they barcoded every single item – from the box of tiles, to a tennis racket!

storage bloc staff

storage bloc staff

So with all the items gone, I could finally finish my wife’s office, and this is what has happened!

new office

Our place has never felt so clean and open.

But the best thing is the price. It all just cost RM 135 per month for all of the items you see in this photo! It is really affordable! If you need to do the same, I would suggest you give Storage Bloc a call. They are really friendly and their customer service is top-notch, from beginning to end!


This article was written by someone currently storing with Storage Bloc. We asked them if they were willing to write something to promote us, and they graciously agreed. Thank you for the kind words!

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