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Pick your preferred date and time slot where we’ll drop the ordered empty boxes and collect your items. The first time for drop­off and collection will be free!

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3. Pack

Pack all your stuff and take a photo to remember! We will wait for up to 15 minutes while you pack, or you can schedule a later pick­up within the next 14 days.

4. Storing

Once everything’s packed, we will transport your items to a secure storage facility in Glo Damansara.

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5. Need your items back?

Give us a call and tell us which items you want to retrieve. We’ll have them delivered back as early as the 24 hours.

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6. Need just one small item from the box?

Come by and bring your box into a private room, take the item you need, seal it, and put it straight back into storage with no extra cost!
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storage ideas malaysia

Storage Ideas Malaysia

About keeping things you do not have room for leasing self storage is not just. It is about the chances before you. When it is moving to another house or city, becoming prepared to attend school, beginning your own company, or working via an important life change, is here that will help you get the space you'll need. Our aim will be to assist you to let and locate the storage unit that best meets your requirements. That is the reason why we've a large number of storage facilities to the other side of the U.S. recorded on our store-and-compare website. All you need to do is select your move as well as a component -in date, and we'll look after the remainder Whether you are a pupil wanting storage that is low-cost throughout the summer holidays, or a company owner demanding a climate-controlled component and added security, Storagebloc will assist you in finding a safe and handy storage facility now! We realize that the scenario you find yourself in isn't consistently chosen by you, but you can select where to keep your possessions that are most treasured. Leasing a storage unit can appear to be a job that is very intimidating, however do not worry - we have truly made it super fast and extremely simple! Our aim will be to find you the easiest and safe storage unit in the bottom cost possible, saving you money and time. Where to Keep Your Things Within a Short-Term Work Duty Whether you're a soldier going abroad for someone or deployment traveling to a different area of the state for a few additional training, your occupation might need you to leave house to get a brief time every now and after that. You don’t would like to leave your worldly possessions unattended during your absence all, so you have to hire anyone to housesit for you personally or locate a safe, secure place to put away your stuff before you return. It's possible for you to supply yourself some additional reassurance during these out of town duties by transferring your stuff that are significant right into a self-storage unit. Your things will have and, in case you find at the facility that is best, someone will stay on site to keep watch. Below are a few of the reasons when you’re on a short-term work assignment, to make use of a self repository unit. It's also wise to make sure that the facility operator can make great on modern day security attributes. In the minimum, the facility needs to possess a video surveillance system in order that everything about the property—including your component—is tracked through the entire day. A fenced in margin having a gate will additionally make sure only individuals with authority can enter the facility property. In case you have any additional concerns, individually alarmed units are offered by some storage operators. Needless to say, one advantage to hiring anyone to houses it for you is someone stays close by through the entire day. Nevertheless, this can be provided by self storage also! In this way someone will be around to care for the specific situation. Just how do I locate the self-storage facility that is best? Storagebloc will allow you to identify the best storage facility to meet with your requirements. Storage on your company Instead of leasing more office space, lessen your company costs and prevent long term lease obligations by renting a storage room. It is simple to fix your place for stock amounts that are shifting.